Temporary visitor visa

Temporary visitor visa is for activities not exceeding 90 days as below:
sightseeing, visiting relatives or friends, recreation, convalescence, attending a conference, participation in unpaid lectures, meetings, amateur athletic meetings or other contests, short business trips (e.g. market surveys, business talks, after sales service for machinery imported into Japan)

Period of stay

90days, 30days or 15days

Exemption of visa (Short-Term Stay)

Foreign nationals of Visa Exemption countries/regions including Norwegian nationals are not required to obtain a visa for a temporary visit (See "the list of visa exemption countries and regions)
  • This category excludes profit-making operations and paid activities.
  • Even if you are the subject of a visa exemption arrangement, permission to enter Japan remains at the discretion of the immigration authorities. We advise that you should take supporting documents with you for immigration inspection at the airport such as a return flight ticket, details of host organization and evidence of sufficient funds for your stay.
  • Any foreign visitor who wishes to enter Japan is recommended to have a passport, which will remain valid during the period of stay.

Required documents

*Please do not staple the application documents together.
*A photo should be attached to the visa application form before you submit the documents to the Embassy.


Basic documents

  • Valid passport and its copy (only the page with personal data)
  • For non-EU/EEA citizens: Valid residence permit for Norway
  • One completed and signed visa application form attached with a photo (frontal, no scan, no copy, taken within the last six months, not damaged) *Citizens of CIS States, Georgia and Ukraine please submit 2 application forms and 2 photos.
  • Flight reservation
  • Itinerary/ Schedule of Stay (Please be sure to include your planned activities/places you would like to visit, your arrival/departure date and detailed information on the place of stay (if you will stay at a hotel, please fill in the name, address and the phone number of the hotel.)

Further required documents for each purpose of trip

 Sightseeing  Business, Attending a conference, Study  Visiting family members or friends
Proof of financial resources:
For example:
- Recent bank account statement or
- Salary certificate (last 3 months)

In case a family member is sponsoring the costs on applicant´s behalf:
- Passport copy of the family member
- Proof of relationship, e.g. marriage certificate, birth certificate
- Letter in free format signed by the family member explaining that he/she will cover the costs  
Proof of financial resources:
- Letter from the applicant’s company/institution to cover the travel expenses

If the trip is self-funded:
For example: 
Recent bank account statement or salary certificate (last 3 months)
- Certificate of employment

Proof of financial resources:
- Recent bank account statement  or
- Salary certificate (last 3 months)

Proof of relationship
- For visiting a family member: birth certificate, marriage certificate, koseki tohon
- For visiting a friend: short explanation letter about relation + examples of emails, letters, photos
(please prepare one document including all)


Further required documents prepared by the inviting side in Japan

     Sightseeing       Business, Attending a conference, Study      Visiting a family member or friend

Invitation Letter (Japanese / English
If the applicants are more than two persons, please use this list
Invitation Letter (Japanese / English
If the applicants are more than two persons please use this list

(When an inviting person is a foreign national) 
- Copy of both sides of valid resident card

(When an inviting person is a Japanese national)
- Copy of both sides of valid driving license or
- Certificate of residence in Japan (“Juminhyo“) 


Required documents prepared by the inviting side in Japan ONLY WHEN this side bears the travel expenses

 Sightseeing   Business, Attending a conference, Study  Visiting a family member or friend
- Letter of Guarantee (Japanese / English)

Cerified copy of the incorporation register (Tokibo tohon“):
(A stock exchange-listed company can submit its quarterly corporate report (Kaisha shikiho“) instead of the certified copy of the incorporation register.)
(Universities can submit the employment certificate of faculty member in charge, instead of the certified copy of the incorporation register.)
(When the inviter is an individual, please submit the employment certificate)

- Letter of Guarantee (Japanese / English)

Proof of financial resources
(One of the following must be provided)

- Certificate of income or taxation issued by municipal office (“Shotoku shomeisho” or “Kazei shomeisho”)
- Recent bank statement of the Japanese bank
- Certificate of tax payment (Form 2) (“Nozei shomeisho”)

- Certificate of residence in Japan (
(When the guarantor is a non-Japanese, please submit a copy of both sides of valid resident card and a copy of passport.)

Please note that the information given is only general. The embassy reserves the right to request additional documents.

For information on a MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA, please click here and find relevant information corresponding to your passport country/region.


COVID-19 related entry regulations

Information on the current entry measures (COVID-19 test, quarantine etc.) can be found here.