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Registration of unmanned aircraft will be mandated

Information regarding bringing medicines or foods into Japan

For inquiries regarding bringing specific medicines or foods to Japan, please contact the relevant Japanese authority directly.

Japan Customs


Information for those who are bringing medicines for personal use into Japan
Contact details for Regional Bureau of Health and Welfare:
Place of arrival: Narita international airport, Tokyo international airport, etc.
TEL: +81-48-740-0800
Place of arrival: Chubu centrair international airport, Kansai international airport, Naha airport etc.
TEL: +81-6-6942-4096

Foods (animal products, fruits and vegetables)

Animal products

Fruits and vegetables etc.

Information regarding bringing animals into Japan

For inquiries regarding bringing animals to Japan, please contact Animal Quarantine Service directly.

Information for those who are bringing animals into Japan
Contact details for Animal Quarantine Service

Information regarding driving a car in Japan

If you wish to drive a car while in Japan, you must have an International Driving Permit issued by contracting countries and conforming to the model contained in the Convention at Geneva. You will also need to be in possession of your national license while driving in Japan. Please refer to the following links:

For Holders of Foreign Driver's Licenses (website of the National Police Agency of Japan)

International Driving License(website of the Norwegian Automobile Federationthe (NAF))

Information regarding travel insurance

Dear travelers to Japan: It is recommended to take out an overseas travel insurance
  • An overseas travel insurance makes you feel secure, even in emergencies, and you can enjoy your trip.
  • Medical expenses can be very high in Japan. If the travel insurance you purchased offers sufficient coverage of treatment costs, you can receive treatment without concern.
  • It is recommended to have an overseas travel insurance with travel support for hospital referrals, medical interpretation, and cashless medical service. (We recommend that you check your insurance details before travelling. For example, perinatal medical care is not covered by travel insurance and can be expensive.)

Information in case of illness or injury
Preventive Measures
For safe travels in Japan: Guide for when you feel ill

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