Visa for working/Visa for long-term stay (Student etc.)



Visa for working/Visa for long-term stay (Student etc.)

An applicant who wishes to perform remunerative work in Japan, or who wishes to stay over 90 days in Japan, is required to apply for a visa for working or long-term stay.

Visa categories for working or long-term stay

Documents to be submitted to the Embassy

  • Valid passport and one copy
  • For non-EU/EEA citizens: Valid residence permit for Norway
  • One completed and signed Visa Application Form attached with a photo (frontal, no scan, no copy, taken within the last six months, not damaged) *Citizens of CIS States, Georgia and Ukraine please submit 2 application forms and 2 photos.
  • Copy or digital-format of Certificate of Eligibility(*)

(*) Certificate of Eligibility



From April 2023, the Special Highly Skilled Human Resource System (J-Skip) and the Future Creator Human Resource System (J-Find) have started. Please refer to the following links for more information. (J-Skip:Highly skilled professional visa) (J-Find:Future creation individual, Spouse or Child of future creation individual)