MIRAI 2021-2022

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Japan's Friendship Ties Program “MIRAI” (Mutual-understanding, Intellectual Relations and Academic Exchange Initiative) invites groups of promising young leaders, who are expected to play an active role in international society, and provides opportunity to have intellectual exchanges with Japanese experts, scholars, and students of the same generations.

The program aims to deepen participants’ understanding of Japan and its policy, to promote mutual understanding and thus build a basis for future friendship and cooperation between Japan and their regions.

All participants are expected to share and disseminate their experiences and charms of Japan proactively through SNS and other media during/after the visit.


Participants: Graduate/undergraduate students, Young Professionals
Participating Countries: Countries in Europe, Central Asia & Caucasus region
Duration: Around 10 days (Online Pre-exchange Program and Program in Japan)
Number of participants (JFY2021): 121 (TBD)
Total Number of Participants (since2015): 946

Norwegian citizens are invited to apply for a place in Group 2: Politics and Security. See application portal for details.

Itinerary (model)

The program is composed of both Online Pre-exchange Program and Program in Japan.

  • Pre-exchange Program (Online)
    • Orientation of the program
    • Lecture on the theme-related contents
    • Virtual exchange and discussion with Japanese students/ experts
  • Program in Japan 
    • 4 days in Tokyo & 2 days in another city
    • Lectures on Japan and its major policies
    • Visiting Japanese companies/ research institutes/ historical sites (Tokyo and another prefecture)
    • Discussions with Japanese young students / experts  at universities / think-tanks
    • Homestay (in province)
  • Reports and Disseminations of the Program
    • Presentations on the outcome by participants
    • Follow-up discussions among participants
    • Farewell Party